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Our brushes enable quick, effective cleaning of refractory stone from food residues, the flour left by the pizza in the oven (unless perforated GHA peels are used, which do not require it) and ash.
The variety of lengths available mean that all areas of all ovens can be reached. The adjustable brushes increase the practicality and efficiency of cleaning.
The brass bristles are more efficient and invasive; the natural ones are more delicate for continuous cleaning with complete peace-of-mind.
The scraper can remove any residues that have burnt onto the stone.

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    Bouble brush stainless steel-brass bristles

    55,00 excl. IVA 47,30 excl. IVA
  • Categories: ,

    Brush for grills stainless steel bristles

    15,70 excl. IVA25,55 excl. IVA 13,50 excl. IVA21,97 excl. IVA
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    Electric ovens Brush

    74,90 excl. IVA81,40 excl. IVA 64,41 excl. IVA70,00 excl. IVA
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    Extra-strong brush with handle slide

    48,70 excl. IVA56,70 excl. IVA 41,88 excl. IVA48,76 excl. IVA
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    Rotating brush – home use

    36,50 excl. IVA39,40 excl. IVA 31,39 excl. IVA33,88 excl. IVA
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    Rotating head oven brush brass bristles

    70,50 excl. IVA97,15 excl. IVA 60,63 excl. IVA83,55 excl. IVA
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    Rotating head oven brush, natural bristles

    64,40 excl. IVA73,10 excl. IVA 55,38 excl. IVA62,87 excl. IVA
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    Rotating round head oven brush brass bristles

    79,10 excl. IVA91,25 excl. IVA 68,03 excl. IVA78,48 excl. IVA